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Precautions for solid phase extraction technology(part 4)

Do not ignore traditional liquid extraction.

Some people think that it can replace liquid extraction when they first come into contact with solid phase extraction. In fact, capillary electrophoresis cannot replace liquid chromatography. Solid phase extraction is more suitable than liquid extraction in some cases, but in many cases, traditional liquid extraction is more reliable and suitable. This can be confirmed from the actual development of current experimental techniques.

Regarding liquid-solid extraction, we should not just regard it as an extraction process. From another point of view, it is still a purification process, which is a process of eliminating solid interferences. Understanding this helps us optimize the choice of experimental methods.

Practicality is the ultimate criterion for the success of experimental design

When designing an experiment, it should be considered whether it is technically advanced at the beginning. In practice, it is the practicality that decided finally whether this method is feasible or not. An experimental method not only solves the problem, but also achieves balance in terms of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and meets the requirements of sustainable and repeatable operation.

Therefore, advanced technology must also be subject to practicality

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