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Precautions for Solid Phase Extraction Technology (part 2)

Try to be as small as possible.

In the selection of solid phase extraction conditions, some people add liquid more to improve the extraction efficiency, or choose a column with a large amount of filler, but I don’t think it is necessary. Especially when using the gravity method, due to the high efficiency, it’s the column head that adsorbs in many cases, not all the fillers are working. Moreover, too many fillers slow down the liquid flow rate, and the diffusion during elution will be obvious.

Therefore, it is recommended that it is sufficient. When the efficiency can be ensured, the filler should be as little as possible, and the addition of liquid should not be much.

The experimental conditions should not be excessively refined.

Solid phase extraction is a sort of chromatographic separation in principle, but it is best to use it only as an adsorbent extractant in the operation. Due to the discrapency of the nature of the filler and the tightness of the packing, it is not necessary to design very complicated elution procedure for the effect of the actual experiment.

In the establishment of conditions, we should make full use of the ready-made materials. Establish the system as soon as possible. and at the same time be vigilant to the steps that are too complicated to operate, and achieve a balance among the results, rate and the ease of operation of the experimental.

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