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Precautions For Coronavirus Summarized By Hawach

According to Italy’s Civil Protection Authority, the country now has 1,709 confirmed coronavirus cases at 11:09 am, Monday, March 2, 2020. And 566 cases are confirmed in one day. Forty-one people have died. A few days ago, when the number is not as big as it is shown today, Italy had taken many measures after discovering a surge in confirmed data, such as “closing the city”.

But the truth is that most shops opened by Chinese have been closed, but local shops are “closed by only one-tenth”. The news broke by British reporters were even more explosive. The so-called “closed city and blockade” were not actually implemented. Driving from the affected area across Europe, there were no obstacles along the way.

Italy now has the most confirmed coronavirus cases outside of Asia. From February 24th to 25th, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, and Algeria announced the first confirmed case of new coronavirus in the country, and patients have recently traveled to or from Italy. France and Germany have also reported new cases of recent trips to northern Italy. In addition, a Brazilian resident who has just returned from Italy has tested positive for the coronavirus, making it the first confirmed case in Latin America.

According to the mentioned data and cases, the novel coronavirus spreads fast in Europe and the rest of the world. Italy is just one example and to some extent, the situation now in Italy(especially northern part of the country) is similar to that of Wuhan China, with people recently been to the two areas that have a high chance of infection. Precautions for coronavirus should be paid much attention to so as to minimize the infected cases.

hawach precautions for coronavirus summarized

Precautions For Coronavirus When Go Out

1. Avoid going to densely populated or high-endemic areas;
2. Wear a medical disposable mask. This new type of coronavirus is mainly transmitted by the respiratory tract. It is very likely that people be infected if he/she shares the same room with a virus carrier. Wearing a mask properly can effectively block the droplets and prevent the virus from directly entering the body.
3. Wash your hands with running water and soap or use a hands-free sanitizer.
Precautions For Coronavirus When Stay At Home
4. In order to avoid contamination during delivery and distribution, you can ask the delivery man or courier to leave the item at the door and wait for him to leave before taking the package into the house. Then wipe the bag with alcohol and wash your hands after opening.
5. No regular meat and seafood products have been found to spread the virus, so you can eat with confidence. However, meat and eggs must be cooked before eating.
6. If you haven’t been in contact with any confirmed or suspected cases recently, and you haven’t gone out for dinner, don’t be overly nervous. If you are really worried, you can disinfect frequently-contacted things (mobile phone, door handle, remote control, etc.) with 75% alcohol or household bleach with 5% sodium hypochlorite(the dilution ratio with water is 1: 100 when using the latter).
7. Open windows frequently to ventilate the room. This can help reduce the number of viruses that may be present indoors, and also help renew indoor air. If there is a patient with suspected acute respiratory infection in the home, open the window but not the door during ventilation(to prevent the air in the patient’s area from entering the clean area) at least twice a day for 15-30 minutes each time.

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