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Pipettes & Bottle-Top Dispenser

Let me really invite the protagonist of this promotion – Pipettes & bottle-top. The pipette is one of the most commonly used popular pipettes used by the experimenters, and the bottle-top dispenser is also a common instrument used in experiments. They are clearly nice and can really help out with a lot of operational difficulties in the experiment.

Basic knowledge

In general, they are a common device for removing liquids. The pipette is suitable for removing small amounts of liquid, and the bottle-top dispenser is used to take large amounts of solution.

Scope of application

The bottle-top dispenser is suitable for general acids/bases and low concentration of strong acids/alkalis/oxidants. It can perform accurate and repeatable liquid separation operation without waste of reagents, and at the same time provide safety assurance for operators and experimental environment.

In the study of analytical testing, the pipette is generally used to measure a small amount or a small amount of liquid. Different specifications or sizes of pipettes are used with the corresponding sizes of the spearhead.


The shapes produced by different manufacturers and are slightly different, but the maintain principle for removing liquids are basically the same:removal of pollutants timely;clean or disinfect regularly; avoid placing at high temperature to prevent deformation/leakage/misalignment.

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