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Party, Make Hawach Scientific More Cohesive

Recently Hawach scientific organized a Home party, where employees brought their families and friends together in the beautiful villa. We had a relaxing and pleasant day, which released the pressure from our work.

Our colleagues were drinking tea and chatting under the tree, playing foosball and singing in KTV. There are love cooking colleagues for everyone to make dessert, children in the children’s zone are playing happily. At noon, we dine together, drink and chat. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, play games together.

The significance of this activity lies in dreaming, releasing and recharging. With a surprise, a way of life, encounter a new yourself, at the same time perfect interpretation of the company’s humanized management, set up a new corporate culture. Not only through the party to achieve a sense of collective integration of employees, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in the future to do a good foreshadowing.

The party welfare activities organized by the company also edify employees’ sentiment, relax their body and mind, and pick up a different self. From this activity, we realized that each of us is the owner of the enterprise, the company is my home, each employee is a family to each other.

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