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One-Stop Shopping Lab Experimental Consumables From HAWACH

1.Syringe filter
HAWACH syringe filter features high cleanliness, easy operation, and high precision, with various specifications. Filter housing material uses sanitary polypropylene material. The precise design guarantees smooth filtering rationalized internal space, and very low residual rate, which is only half that of other products on the market, thereby reducing waste of samples.

2.Filter paper
The choice of filter paper is determined according to the requirements of the analytical work for filtering the precipitate and the nature and amount of the precipitate. HAWACH filter paper filters out impurities in the liquid via the ultrafine fibers to achieve the purity we need. Its uniform fiber distribution, large dust holding capacity, small resistance and high strength make it an ideal filter material. Welcome to contact HAWACH for the filter paper’s type, specification, and scope.

A variety of pipette tips are available, and the application range of different pipette tips will be slightly different. HAWACH will provide you with a full range of solutions for pipette tips. All accessories are made of high-quality materials because we consider accessories to be an important part of the pipetting system. When not in use, the pipette should be hung vertically on the stand to prevent liquid from flowing back into the pipette, damaging the piston or causing pollution.

4.Bottle-top dispenser
HAWACH integrates the latest accurate liquid distribution technology, high-tech materials, and ergonomically designed dispensers to make it an easy, safe, reliable and highly accurate laboratory device. All liquid contact parts are highly chemically resistant and it is suitable for any laboratory bottle. For large-capacity dispensers, it also has a micro-adjustment ring, which can ensure high accuracy when dispensing large volumes.


0.45micron Disposable PES Syringe Filters Quantitative Filter Papers

5.Filter cartridge(filter bag, filter capsule, filter housing)
Filter bag: Deep filtration, particularly large filtration flow, low resistance, long service life, low cost, no fiber shedding, easy operation. Filter bag material: There are four materials to choose from: PET, PP, PP, PP, NMO; there are two kinds of interface materials: stainless steel ring, PP plastic ring. It is available in 5 sizes.

Filter capsule: The outer shell is made of high-temperature polypropylene material, and the inner filter element is made by welding the folded filter element together. It does not contain adhesives and other chemicals. For filtering 1-20L laboratory and other small-dose liquids, gases or industrial precious small-volume liquids.

Filter housing: High filtration accuracy and fast speed; less adsorption, no medium shedding, no dead angle, no leakage; acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and can be recoiled.

6.SPE, FLASH, HPLC column
HAWACH offers you SPE columns with a variety of packing media, including graphitized carbon, alumina, silica gel, florist, HLB, C18, WAX, WCX, etc., which can be used to concentrate or separate complex sample matrices of different targets. Choose different adsorbents and solvents based on the polarity (polar, non-polar) or charge (anion, cation) of the analyte.

HAWACH provides you with Flash columns with a variety of packing media, including aluminum oxide, C4, C8, NH2, CN, HILIC, etc., which can be used economically, quickly and in batches for biochemical samples such as direct HPLC analysis of fermentation broths, food and beverages, Chinese herbal extracts, blood samples, and complex samples.

There are two main series of HAWACH HPLC columns: Xchroma Series has more columns choice than the Echroma series, but the Echroma series are more cost-effective. They are featuring high column efficiency, large peak capacity, excellent batch stability, high-quality chromatographic packing, high purity, and good uniformity.

To learn more, welcome to visit hawach.com.

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