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Membrane Filter Introduction

Hawach Scientific membrane filters are a thin, polymeric film made up of millions of microscopic pores. Membrane retains particles and microorganisms that exceed their pore ratings by acting as a physical barrier and capturing such particles on the surface of the membrane. It is simple and fast to use, and is widely used in many fields such as scientific research, food testing, chemical industry, nanotechnology, energy and environmental protection.

The form and shape of the membrane filters are highly dependent on the manufacturing process and are often difficult to specify. We Hawach Scientific is available to supply membrane filer in roll or disc type. And what’s more, there’s a full size range of membrane media including Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, MCE, CA, GF, PP.
Other key parameters are pore size and diameter. The range is very wide listed as below:

Pore size: 0.1um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 0.8um, 1.0um, 3.0um, 5.0um, 10.0um

Diameter: 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 50mm, 60mm, 90mm, 142mm, 150mm, 200mm, 293mm, 300mm

Applications: Aqueous filtration(Nylon, PTFE-L, PES, MCE, CA)
Colony counting(MCE Gridded Membrane Filter)
Microbiological and particulate analysis
General biological filtration,
Filtration of samples for high protein recovery
Agricultural industries.

A wide range of membrane filter products are available to match your needs, we accept OEM products and customized size, if any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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