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Main Application Range and Characteristics of Membrane Filter

Microporous membranes filters are made of macromolecule chemicals and pore-forming additives which are specially treated and coated on the support layer. It is widely used in scientific research, food detection, chemical industry, nanotechnology, energy, and environmental protection and many other fields. Microporous membrane is mainly made of refined nitrocellulose, acetone, n-butanol, ethanol, etc.

It is hydrophilic, non-toxic and hygienic. It is a porous membrane filter material. Its pore size distribution is uniform and penetrating, and its micropore rate is as high as 80. It is mainly used for filtration of water system solution, so it is also called water system membrane.

Bacteria that filter out particulate matter such as medicinal liquid, gas, oil, beverage, alcohol, electronic instrument, etc. can also be used for embolism test of particulate matter and bacteria.

Characteristics of the microporous membrane filters

1. With food grade polypropylene as raw material, there is no additive in the whole process of production.
2. The physical and chemical properties are stable and compatible.
3. It has a series of pore sizes, high porosity, large pollution acceptance, and can be back washed.

Customization of different specifications can be made according to customer requirements.

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