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Knowledge Of Glass Solvent Filter

Glass solvent filter is made of high-quality extra hard glass, which makes it become sparkling and crystal-clear. Its size meets the international standard size. Its voltage resistance and leakage proof are very good. Additionally, it is suitable for filtration at high temperature and high pressure.

Types of Glass Solvent Filter

Glass Solvent Filter includes two types, one is 300ml glass solvent filter, and the other is 500ml glass solvent filter. Those two types are of some similarity in following aspects, for example, the branch is single, the funnel valve is glass, the support screen is Pyrex glass, the connection is ground joint, and screen pore size is 10μm.

Besides, both of them can work under 121℃ high temperature. The difference is in funnel size and collection bottle: the 300ml glass solvent filter is smaller than the 500ml glass solvent filter in those aspects.

Maintenance of Glass Solvent Filter

The glass solvent filter should be work under safe and suitable environment and be kept in a correct way, concretely, strictly following the operating instructions, or its performance could be affected. In case damage occurs, it is better to furnish information about the operation of the device and related descriptive materials.

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