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What are the performances of different types of filter bags in sewage treatment equipment?

Classification of sewage treatment equipment filter bags:

1. Acid and alkali resistant filter bags:
Suitable for working environment in contact with acid and alkali, such as: phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, alumina industry, catalyst (4A zeolite) and other industries. The cover rubber is blended with rubber and plastic and filled with an inert material superior in acid and alkali resistance, which is superior to the acid and alkali resistance of the neoprene rubber. The skeleton material is made of polyester canvas, which is more reliable than the surface of the canvas core. The pure liquid is used in the liquid discharge hole to block the leaching of the acid and alkali liquid through the cloth layer, which leads to the reduction of the service life of the filter belt;

2. Heat-resistant filter bag:
Mainly used for filtering high temperature materials, 80 ° C < temperature <180 ° C. The main performance according to the damage of the heat-resistant belt and the loss of working ability. Different heat resistance grades, using EPDM or styrene-butadiene rubber as cover rubber, the skeleton material is made of high-strength polyester canvas, and the heat-resistant glass cloth is laid between the cover rubber and the skeleton layer, and the liquid discharge hole is made of heat-resistant pure The rubber layer blocks the destruction of the skeleton by high temperature. The life of the heat-resistant filter belt is greatly improved;

3. Oil resistant filter bag:
The cover rubber is made of eye glue with high acrylonitrile eye content, and polyester canvas is used as the skeleton material. Applicable to filtration, oily materials and contact with various working oils, with the advantages of low volume change rate, high strength and wide application range;

4. Cold filter bag:
It adopts polyester canvas as the core, and the cover rubber is made of natural rubber and butadiene rubber. It has the characteristics of high elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance. It can be used normally in an environment of minus 40 °C.

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