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Introduction of Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are one of the types of filters. The structure design of the syringe filter is precise and the liquid is filtered smoothly. Internal space design is reasonable, so the residue rate is very low. In addition, the syringe filter has the following characteristics.

Characteristics of syringe filters

(1) Compared with traditional filters, the product is specially designed to withstand large blasting pressure which is not easy to crack.
(2) The edge part of the filter is threaded, which can play an anti-skid role. In addition, the humanized design makes the operation handier.
(3) The consistency of the analysis results is fully guaranteed by the stable quality of the filter membrane and the zero difference between different batches.
(4) The specifications are clearly marked to avoid confusion.

Use of syringe filters

The filter is usually combined with a syringe to filter samples of chemically turbid solutions. Most commonly used in chemical HPLC-MS/GC-MS analysis of liquids and gases for dust removal, bactericidal filtration, biological sample preparation, tissue culture media, microbial media, buffer solution and so on.

Operation steps of syringe filters

(1) Use a syringe to absorb the liquid to be filtered.
(2) Insert syringe filter into needle barrel.
(3) Exhaust the bubbles until the liquid drips out.
(4) Push the piston to make the liquid filter out.

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