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Instructions for Filter Membrane

The conventional membrane filter device comprises vacuum manifolds filtration system, joint flask, and the vacuum source. Conspicuously, the essential part is the filtration system, which consists of three glass filter holders with respective values and two handles placed on both sides.

Specific Operations
1. Loosen the bottom nut and lift the fixed mount, then place a rubber ring under the porous plate and a membrane gasket on that plate. Next, put the microporous filter membrane on it and place the filter gasket, then install the glass tube and a sealed sheet rubber on the top of the tube. Mount the fixator, tighten the bottom nut, and the cover the top lid.
2. Remove the top sheet rubber for the unsealed environment.
3. Connect the bottom drainage pipe with a rubber pipe, and wrap the orifice with gauze.
4. Warp up the whole filter and its base together then sterilize them at 121℃.

1. Slightly loosen the filter cover or pierce a syringe filter before steam sterilization and connect to the air filter for ventilation.
2. Immerse the membrane into sterile water for 4- 6 hours before sterilization, then pour the water and operate the same way as above overnight.

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