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Information Of Sterilized Syringe Filter

The sterilized syringe filter is a lab filtration tool connected to the front end of the syringe. It is quite suitable for the filtration of aqueous and organic solvents with low solubility. There is a wide range of selection for its membrane materials, which could satisfy various demands from different industries.

Structure of Sterilized Syringe Filter
The sterilized syringe filter is produced in a controlled environment, where it will be assembled automatically without any human touch. It is mainly composed of a filter housing, a support basket, and a filter bag. The samples could be distributed evenly during the filtration process, which ensures a high flow rate and precise result. Usually, there are two kinds of sterilization methods, including steam sterilization and ethylene oxide gas sterilization. It is worthy of noticing that a sterilized syringe filter cannot be used for more than one day.

The sterilized syringe filter is perfect for the filtration of protein solutions with the lowest protein adsorption. The one with a large pore size is available for sample clarification and prefiltration.

In the medical industry, it could be used for the inspection of particles and bacteria, which can improve the quality of the drug and the pass rate of clarity. It can also be applied to scientific research filed, such as the somatic cell hybridization research department, and electronics industry for fine filtration of high-purity water.

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