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HPLC Columns Packing

The separation of the liquid chromatography column is carried out between the filler and the mobile phase. The classification of the column depends on the type of packing, and what kind of packing is called the column.

1.Normal phase column: mostly silica gel column packing. According to the appearance, it can be divided into two types: amorphous and spherical, and its particle diameter is in the range of 3-10 um. Another type of normal phase filler is silica gel surface bonding – a functional group such as CN, -NH2, so-called bonded phase silica gel. HPLC normal phase chromatography column has CN HPLC column, NH2 HPLC Columns, etc.

2.Reversed-phase column: A non-polar filler which is mainly based on silica gel and has an octadecyl functional group (ODS) bonded to its surface. There are also amorphous and spherical types. Other commonly used reversed-phase fillers are also bonded to C8, C4, C2, phenyl, etc., and the particle size is between 3 and 10 um. HPLC reversed-phase chromatography columns include Reversed Phase C4 HPLC Columns, Phenyl HPLC Columns, C8 Low pH HPLC Column, etc.

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