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How to Prevent the HPLC Column Failure

The improper use of chromatographic columns will make the columns decrease or lose effectiveness.
Generally speaking, the columns always have problems at the end of them. If we can install a short column with the same stationary phase as the analysis column in front of analysis column, which is about five to thirty millimeter, the column will have a longer lifetime. Although the effectiveness with a short protective column is less, the final result is worthwhile.
The chromatographic columns’ lifetime usually can reach two years and more when used correctly. One kind of the columns that are based on silica gel only can be used in pH values ranging from two to nine. Some adsorptive substances will be retained on the top of the column, especially some colored substances after used for a long time. For the new columns, the filler at the top of the columns may decrease and collapse, which reduce the column efficiency. And under this circumstance, the experimenters can restore the efficiency of the columns through adding fillers.
It is better to rinse the columns with eluent with strong eluting power after each work. When hydrochloric acid buffer solution is used as mobile phase, salt-free mobile phase is used to rinse. The compounds containing halogen family may corrode stainless pipes. It is inappropriate to be exposed to them for a long time.

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