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How to ensure good LC column performance and life?

How to ensure good column lifetime during HPLC using a liquid chromatography column, and how to ensure good HPLC column performance? Just pay attention to the following points.

1. Carefully read the instruction manual of the column and use and maintain the column as described in the instruction manual. Always use a packed column with good packing when purchasing the column.
2. Minimize pressure fluctuations and avoid mechanical and thermal shocks. Use guard columns and inline filters as much as possible during column analysis
3. Often flush the column with a strong solvent, fully filter the sample and mobile phase, try to avoid impurity particles and strong solvent residue.
4. Try to use a stable stationary phase. When operating at a medium pH of pH 6-8, use an organic buffer solution. The column temperature is preferably less than 40 degrees. If it is a silica gel matrix column, Keeping the mobile phase’s pH range between 2 and 8 is the safest.
5. When the mobile phase contains a buffer solution, care should be taken to use 95:5 water and organic solvent transition, the organic solvent cannot be less than 5%. Do not use pure water to rinse the column of hydrophobic silica matrix. If the mobile phase must be pure water, please buy reversed-phase column with polar sealing or polar setting.
6. When the column is not to be stored, rinse off the salt and buffer and store with pure organic mobile phase, preferably acetonitrile.

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