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How the Samples Affect the Life of Liquid Chromatographic Column

One of the main factors affecting the life of the liquid chromatographic column is the samples.

The first reason is the solubility of samples. When the experimenters preparing makes the sample samples, maybe there will be a small amount of particles that are completely dissolved. The small amount of particles will be brought into the chromatographic columns with the samples. And thus the particles build up in the head of the columns, which causes the blockage of the column under normal conditions.

The second reason is the purity of the samples. The samples that will be used in the chromatography include not only the components to be analyzed but also other various components or impurities. These components or impurities may not be adsorbed irreversibly in the columns, which covers the active point of the stationary phase. The retention characteristics are changed.

The third reason is the chemical properties of samples. There should exist chemical stability between the various components of the samples to be analyzed and the fillers in the columns. Typically, to remain the stability in the progress, when using amino-bonded columns, compounds and mobile phases with carbonyl should be avoided using. For instance, acetone or ethyl acetate cause the condensation of NH2 with anhydride and Schiff, which will destruct the stationary phases.

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