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How Do You Know about High Liquid Performance Chromatography Column?

The high performance liquid chromatography column is a chromatography consumable that with the function for analysis and separation of mixture compounds. The working principle is to pump the analyte or say sample mixture in to a solvent(mobile phase such as water) under high pressure, as the column with stationary phase inside with chromatography packing sorbents, the column can do separation and identify the compounds which exist in any sample that could be dissolved into a kind of liquid in trace concentrations with the value as low as parts of per trillion.

As the versatility of the HPLC Column, the column can be used in a varieties of scientific and industrial applications such as pharmaceutical analysis, environmental analysis, forensic analysis, and chemicals analysis etc.

The sample retention( time ) always depending on the interaction between the stationary phase(Column inner packing material), the molecules being analyzed, and the solvent, or solvents used(liquid phase).

As the analytical sample passes through the column, it will have interactions between the two phases(stationary phase and mobile phase) at different rate, is primarily due to different polarities in the analytes. It means that the stationary phase with high polarity will interact with compounds with high polarity, so the molecules with lower polarity will have low retention and exit column earlier and appear peak faster.

Both Prepacked HPLC and empty HPLC Column, separately bulk sorbent available for your choice.(Empty Column picture as below for review)

Empty HPLC Column

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