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Head Space Vials Application Tips

Better application and better headspace vials, make easier experiments and avoid unwanted interference and peaks.

1. Headspace Sample vials should be strictly selected to match the sample type and sample size which will be analyzed.
2. For sample preparation and storage,pre-cleaned vials always should be used.
3. Avoid unknown and unwanted chromatography peaks by cleaning vials. If the Vials are not enough cleaned prior to production, packaging or that absorb contaminants during transportation, all these factors will cause ghost peaks.
4. During the system calibration sequence, the ghost peaks which are the result of vials contamination could be identified easily by method blanks and zero standards running.

5. During the equilibration, septa and caps can bleed into the headspace, the caps and septa which used to match and seal the vials also can be a sourced easily for contaminants.

What we supply:
Headspace vials in volume of: 10ml, 20ml
Color: Amber and clear
Vials top: Flat or beveled top
Vials bottom: Rounded and flat
Closure: Crimp with PTFE septa

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