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Hawach Scientific Nylon Membrane Filter

Hawach scientific’s Nylon membrane hydrophilic, alkali-resistant acid, not easy to erode in the ketone, phenol, ether and high molecular weight alcohol. Excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, absorbability, resistance to most organic solvents and most alkaline solutions, especially suitable for filtration of alkaline solutions. At 121 ℃ under normal disinfection and does not destroy the integrity of the membrane filter.
The nylon microfiltration membrane provided by Hawach has a unique preparation method, with good chemical compatibility and hydrophilicity, which can be used for the filtration of most solvents. Suitable for HPLC sample pretreatment, bacteria removal in drinking water, vacuum degasification and removal of microorganism and organic solvent.
Hawach offers 0.1,0.22,0.45,0.8,1.0,3.0,5.0,10um pore size mesh nylon microfiltration membrane , with width 13,25,47,50,60,90,142,150,200,293,300mm.
Product characteristics
1. Has good heat resistance performance, resistance to 121 ℃ saturated steam thermal disinfection 30 min, the highest working temperature of 60 ℃
2. It has good chemical stability and can resist various organic and inorganic compounds such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, alcohol, ester, oil, hydrocarbon, halogenated hydrocarbon and organic oxide
3.PET support layer, which has high mechanical strength
4.Inherent hydrophilia

Product use
1. Pretreatment of HPLC samples
2. Remove bacteria from drinking water
3. Vacuum degassing
4. Removal of microorganisms and organic solvents

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