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Glass Solvent Filter Basic Operation Knowledge

1. The glass solvent filter is fragile and must not be moved as a whole.
2. Filter membrane selection should choose qualified products, unqualified will dissolve impurities, can be soaked in the solvent to be filtered for 24 hours to see if there is dissolution, to investigate the quality of the filter membrane
3. The filter membrane is divided into organic and water systems, to be distinguished.
4. Water filtration, an organic film, good filtration and then mixing, which phase of the mixed mobile phase using which membrane.
5. The film does not matter anyway, but it is smooth and face up, the coarse side will filter down the effect will be good.
6. Do not discard the waste filter membrane. The filter membrane is polluted to the environment and should not be dissolved. Collect unified processing.
7. When the oil-free vacuum pump matched with the glass Solvent filter is pumping, do not wait for the liquid to empty before pulling out the hose. It is not suitable to pull out, it will flatten the hose, and stop the pump when a little liquid is left.
8. Filtered solvents should avoid secondary pollution.

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