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Filter Tool Commonly Used In Laboratories – Syringe Filter

The housing material of syringe filter is made of sanitary grade polypropylene. The structure design of the product is precise, which ensures smooth filtration. In addition, its internal space is reasonable and the residue rate is very low, thus reducing the waste of samples.

Nowadays, syringe filter has become a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool commonly used in laboratories. It is mainly used for sample pre-filtration, clarification and sterilization of particles, liquids, and gases.

Advantages of syringe filter

In the analysis of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), the packing size of the chromatographic column is usually small and easily blocked by impurity particles, so the samples and solvents need to be pre-filtered. The purpose of this operation is to remove particulate pollutants and consequently protect the instrument.

In addition, ion chromatography, which is often used in environmental analysis, also requires sample pretreatment to avoid the introduction of inorganic pollutants.

Syringe filters can also be used in high-performance liquid chromatography and IC analysis because filtering sample solution is an important step in sample pretreatment.

Finally, the syringe filter is also suitable for the filtration of a small number of samples in the laboratory.

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