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Factors To Be Considered In Selecting Syringe Filter

When treating chromatographic samples with syringe filter, other impurities should be avoided in the process of filtration. The appearance of such impurities may be that the shell material or filter membrane will shed particulate matter and bring it into the filtrate.

Therefore, the material of the filter membrane and the shell structure is very important. Different types of filter membranes are suitable for different types of samples.

Hydrophilic sample
The hydrophilic diaphragm has an affinity for water and is suitable for filtering water as a matrix solution. The available filter membranes are mixed cellulose ester (MCE), polyethersulfone (PES), nylon, hydrophilic PTFE, hydrophilic PVDF, etc.

Strongly corrosive organic solvents
Inert membranes such as PTFE, PVDF, and polypropylene (PP) are commonly used.

Protein solution
Selection of low protein adsorption membrane, such as hydrophilic PVDF, PES membrane.

Ion Chromatography
PES membrane filter is generally considered to be more suitable for the filtration of low inorganic ions solution.

If there are too many Impurities in the sample, the needle filter with pre-filtration should be considered when the filtration resistance is too large. The effect of 33mm is ideal.

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