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Description And Maintain Of Pipette Tips

Pipette tips supplied by Hawach Scientific fit for wide applications and sample handling with superior performance. It is made from non-sterile PP material in a fully automated and clean room facility, which can assure excellent clarity and flexibility for accurate analysis results.

Besides, to guarantee absolute purity, no dyes and additives are used, and Hawach constantly follows strict manufacturing procedures to reduce possible external sources of contamination. From raw material selection to clean production and automated package, all Hawach’s pipette tips are assured to be pure and completely safe. And all the tips are also inert, with no bioactive components.

Types of Pipette Tips

Pipette tips offered by Hawach include advanced type, standard type, and advanced filter type. All of them are of reliable quality and good compatibility and can bring accurate and precise measurements when used with the matched pipette and in accordance with instruction manuals. The delicate design overcomes conventional deviations led by geometries. Surface smoothness and regularity make it easy to clean and tolerate high pressure and corrosion. Sealing integrity on pipettes ensures better sealing and no leakage.

PP Pipette-Tips
Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips for Most Experiment

Merits of Pipette Tip

Hawach Scientific is renowned for complete sizes, styles and specifications on pipette tips. All the tips are rigorously tested and certified to be free of detectable and contamination. The slender design, in combination with thin, soft tips creates an excellent supple tip that ensures minimal surface area for residue to adhere to during sample dispensing. And delicate tips discharge completely for optimal pipetting precision. Unlike conventional pipette tips that contain additives can inhibit sample reactions, Hawach’s pipette tips can prevent samples from being aspirated into body of the pipette.

Highlights of Pipette Tip

All pipette tips supplied By Hawach are machine-loaded to guarantee tips free from pollution during manufacturing and packaging process. And all pipette tips are pre-sterilized by radiation after manufacturing as additional protection for analytic samples. An average pole size will not detectably increase resistance or affect pipetting accuracy. Additionally, Hawach’s pipette tips meet or exceed minimum standards for absence of flash and contamination. A faster, more convenient and reliable purification workflow for achieving better concentrated and pure functional samples is offered by Hawach’s pipette tip.

Non Sterile PP Pipette Tips

How to maintain pipette

1. If liquid accidentally enters the piston chamber, the pollutants should be removed in time;
2. After the pipette is used, adjust the pipette range to the maximum value and place it vertically on the holder;
3. All pipettes should be cleaned regularly with soapy water or with 60% isopropanol according to the frequency of use, then washed with double distilled water and get dried;
4. Avoid placing it at a higher temperature to prevent deformation, leakage or inaccuracy;
5. When the pipette nozzle has liquid, do not place it horizontally or upside down to prevent liquid from flowing into the piston chamber and corrode the pipette piston;
6. Correctly use pipette to absorb and drain liquid to achieve high precision;
7. Usually check whether there is liquid leakage: after absorbing liquid, stop in the liquid for 1-3 seconds to observe whether the liquid level in the suction head is lowered; if the liquid level drops, check if there is any problem with the suction head. Any problem arises, replace the suction head. After replacing, if the liquid level still drops, it indicates that there is a problem with the piston assembly and should be repaired by a professional person.
8. First check whether the pipette is suitable for high temperature disinfection before processing.

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