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Delivery and Quality Control of Samples

Delivery of Samples

You should be very careful about the delivery of empty sample vials to the sampling position, and the analysis after they are delivered to the laboratory. You can use multiple materials such as polyfoam and corrugated board to make packing cases so that the wastage of samples can be reduced to the minimum level during delivery.

The case covers are commonly lined with an isolation material to exert slight pressure on the corks. In order to prevent biologic samples from metamorphism, you should keep the samples with ice when the temperature is high.

Quality Control

In order to prevent the samples from pollution, every laboratory must implement an effective quality control procedure. Choose clean sample vials randomly, pour high purity water into them for analysis and make sure that no impurities will remain. As to the quality control of sampling and storage, you should also perform the same procedure as per above.

To speak to the avoidance of pollution during sampling, laboratory workers should consider all potential pollution sources. If possible, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent samples from being polluted. As for sample vials which are used to store microorganism, they should be sealed and well packed to avoid the release of harmful chemicals.

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