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Comparison Of Flash Column, HPLC Column, And SPE Column

In general, the flash column is used in the pre-processing stage of the sample being analyzed. It can be understood that the previous salt and sugar are separated to obtain a separate pre-treatment solution for sugar. Test sample. The HPLC column was then used in an HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph) instrument to separate glucose, maltose, and sucrose from the sugars in that order.

It should be noted here that the properties of salt and sugar are very different, so they are well separated, but the properties of glucose, maltose, and sucrose in sugars are similar. Just like the triplets, it is more difficult to separate Therefore, the separation capability requirements of HPLC columns are much larger than the flash column. This is why HPLC column stationary phases are more demanding and more expensive than the flash column. After the pretreatment is completed, the sample will be tested by the computer.

The HPLC column is then used in an HPLC instrument to separate glucose, maltose, and sucrose from the sugar in turn. The separation ability of the HPLC column is much higher than that of the flash column.

But the HPLC column and flash column also have many things in common. Such as they have the same working principle and they Adsorbents (stationary phase) are similar. We need to use them as our request. It will help us a lot.
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Similarities of Flash and HPLC column:
The same separation principle, and similar adsorbent(stationary phase).

Differences between flash and HPLC column:
1. Filler particles: flash column with bigger of 10-60um; HPLC column of 3-5um.
2. Packing Shape: flash column with no strict standard; the HPLC column requires round-shape.
3. Separation effect: Flash column is extremely low, no more than 50; HPLC with high effect, up to 10000.
4. Purpose: The flash column is used to extract and concentrate the target from the sample; the HPLC column is to separate the target from other materials in the sample.
5. The sector of using: flash column is used during the pretreatment of the sample; HPLC is for instrumental analysis of samples.

They are the separation function of sample pretreatment. But the flash column is a fast separation column than the SPE column. It is used with a certain instrument (can be self-retrieved). When he uses it, the upper interface will usually pass gas/liquid (with a certain pressure) to speed up the sample separation process. SPE column mostly uses gravity to flow down by itself or with SPE solid-phase extraction device to speed up the separation by vacuuming. Flash organic synthesis is mostly used in industry (industrial preparation will also buy large columns with heavy packing), the SPE column laboratory is more used for small sample preparation. In addition to buying regular columns, customers often buy empty columns to go back and fill the stationary phase themselves.

Both of SPE column and the flash column is used in Gas-liquid separation. If you want to do some exercise in the lab. SPE column is good for you but if you want to use it in the industry. The Flash column is the better choice for you. And both of them you can find in Hawach.

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