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Comparison Of Bottle-Top Dispenser And Pipettes

World-known brands of bottle-top dispenser and pipettes

If you are in the separation industry, you must know the following brands, EPPENDORF, GILSON, Finnpipette, and Thermo Fisher and the like. Also, the BIOHIT, BRAND, NICHIRYO and RAININ, SOCOREX, Hamilton, Hawach, Labnet, and the CAPP also enjoy wide popularity.

Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
Advanced Half Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes
Single-channel Adjustable Pipettes

A pipette is a device that removes a small amount of liquid. The bottle-top dispenser is a device for installing a large amount of solution at the mouth of a solvent bottle.

The Hawach bottle-top dispenser and pipettes can be divided into the manual type and electric type. The manual pipettes are commonly seen with three different series: standard, advanced and advanced plus. The first two are half of the sterilization and the advanced plus series is all sterilization.

The manual bottle-top dispenser can separate the liquid volume from 0.5ml to 50ml and the electric mode can manage the volume from 0.1ml to 99.9ml.

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