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Classification of Filter

In this article, we want to clarify the syringe filter. Each of the different syringe filters is applied to the specific product Which the various syringe filter is worth seeing more and what are the right steps and methods to have a try.

Classification by membrane

The filtration membrane plays a very important role. It can directly determine the filtration effect of the sample be separated, and the analyst can judge directly from the usage. So it is a good classification method – gas filtration/sterile ventilation, liquid filtration.

Gas filtration/sterile ventilation is recommended to choose active carbon, hydrophobic PTFE and hydrophobic PVDF; Liquid filtration is divided into three main forms, aqueous solution, mixed solvent, and the organic solvent.

•Aqueous solution: PES tissue culture media, nylon / MCE / PES / PP / hydrophobic PTFE for clarification/sterile filtration/HPLC;
•Nylon / PP / PTFE for mixed solvent;
•Organic solvent: nylon / hydrophobic PTFE for polar hydrophilic; PVDF / hydrophobic PTFE/PP for non-polar hydrophilic.

Classification by price localization

Three series of products are positioned according to the price.
FILTSTAR: import high-ranking level with sterilization and non-sterilization transparent membrane.
WINSTAR: comparatively lowly kind with non-transparent sterilization membrane.
PURSTAR: transparent membrane and less membrane material, the same style with Millipore.

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