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Characteristics of Vacuum Filtration

The primary feature of the vacuum filtration that it uses the classical oil-free pump with sand core filter bottle combination, which is suitable for most Laboratory filtration needs of universal filtering products. The characteristics of this product will be described in detail below.

1. There is no need for any working medium (no oil pump), so it will not cause pollution-free. At the same time, the gas exchange bin of the machine has filter material built in to ensure the purity of the air.

2. Because of the uniformity of the pore size, the product can guarantee the ideal vacuum and high air flow rate, so the filtration rate can be greatly increased.

3. Installed with a thermal power-off protector, when the temperature of the pump reaches 130 degrees Celsius, automatic power-off can protect the motor from damage.

4. The friction-free motion of the membrane will not generate heat and will not cause friction loss of the diaphragm.

5. An automatic cooling and exhaust system is designed to ensure 24-hour continuous operation. Moreover, Teflon is used to treat the surface of the anticorrosive pump contacting with the gas, so it has complete chemical corrosion resistance.

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