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Characteristics Of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

As an important branch of chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has become an important application of separation and analysis technology in the fields of chemistry, medicine, industry, agriculture, commodity inspection, and law inspection.

Features of high-performance liquid chromatography
1. Fast analysis speed;
2. High separation efficiency;
3. High sensitivity;
4. Wide application range;
5. Columns can be used repeatedly;
6. Small sample size.

Types of high-performance liquid chromatography
1.Adsorption chromatography;
2.Partition chromatography;
3.Ion chromatography;
4.Size exclusion chromatography;
5.bonded-phase chromatography;
6.Affinity chromatography.

Composition of high-performance liquid chromatography
High-pressure infusion pump: Drive the mobile phase and sample through the chromatographic separation column and detection system.
Chromatographic column: Separate the substances.
Sampler: The samples are introduced into the chromatographic system.
Detector: Changes in the concentration of the column effluent are converted into optical or electrical signals.

Fraction collector
Data acquisition and processing system: Display the signals
The emergence of high-performance liquid chromatography is only more than 30 years, but this separation analysis technology is developing rapidly and widely.

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