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Carbon Block Filter Cartridge(CTO)

Hawach carton block filter cartridge is used by special technology. With high-quality powdered activated carbon, which is produced through special low-temperature compression activation manufacturing process.

And the deep filtration effect makes the filter cartridge form ultramicro-pore, and the micron rating is tortuous, which is greatly prolongs the contact area between water and activated carbon, and effectively removes carcinogenic substances such as heterochromatic, odor, heavy metals and pesticide residues, and effectively suppresses them and bacterial propagation.

Activated carbon with high adsorption capacity and pore-forming property of powder binder can be fully utilized. Activated carbon can be formed by natural activation at high temperature to avoid the surface of activated carbon being encapsulated by binder to reduce its adsorption function and maximize the specific surface area and adsorption speed. The carbon block cartridge can withstand up to 10 kg of water pressure to ensure the purity and safety of water quality and make the water taste more delicious.

About the application:
Pre-filtration or pre-treatment in RO applications
Chlorine and odor removal
Color reduction

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