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C18 HPLC Columns

C18 HPLC columns are the reversed phase columns, high purity silica gel skeleton, single function high-density bonding, excellent peak shape, extremely high stability, suitable for the separation and analysis of amphoteric and acidic compounds.

Application of C18 HPLC column

1. Good separation of neutral, acidic, amphoteric and partial alkaline compounds;
2. Especially suitable for the analysis of acidic and amphoteric small molecular compounds;
3. Can be used to maintain the stability of the compound;
4. Can be used to change the separation selectivity.

The installation and use of C18 HPLC columns

Rotate the column heads at both ends of the column and connect them to the instrument according to the direction of fluid flow on the label of the column. When the column is not in use, screw on both ends of the column.

Sample and mobile phase

To avoid blockage of C18 HPLC columns, the sample and mobile phase are filtered by a filter membrane before use. The mobile phase is a mixture of the organic phase and water phase, such as methanol-water, acetonitrile-water.

It is best to install a protective column to prevent impurities and protect C18 HPLC column.

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