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Basic Steps Of SPE Technology For SPE Column

1.Active treatment of the extraction column: select a solvent through the SPE cartridge to wet and activate the SPE filler, so that the analyte can be in close contact with the surface of the solid phase, which is prone to adsorption and can remove impurities that may exist in the column.

To reduce pollution; an easy-to-replace solvent with an acute and similar pH to the sample matrix must be selected to provide good contact between the sample solution and the adsorbent surface to improve the efficiency of the coarsening.

2. Loading: The pretreated sample is poured onto the activated SPE cartridge, and then the liquid sample is passed through the SPE cartridge at an appropriate flow rate by pressurization, vacuuming or centrifugation.

3. Leaching: Select a medium-strength mixed solvent to wash away the interference components in the group as much as possible without causing the target extract to be lost;

4.Elution: The analyte is eluted and collected with a small volume of the appropriate elution solvent; the solvent is dried for later or direct online analysis. The choice of the strength of the elution solvent is critical. To achieve the effect that the analyte is eluted as much as possible and the more strongly adsorbed than the analyte remains on the SPE cartridge.

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