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Application Of Filter Membrane In Wine Industry

Along with the rapid development of filtration technology, it has been being applied in more and more industries. In the wine industry, the filter membrane is usually selected according to the different specific wine species.

Application in Beer Production

The beer could be divided into two categories – pasteurized and draught beer, depending on whether it has been pasteurized or not. During the production of pasteurized beer, the PP filter membrane of pore size 3μm and 1μm are commonly used for coarse filtration and fine filtration respectively.

The Nylon and PES filter membrane could meet a higher filtration standard in the fine filtration process. For the draught beer, both pore size 3μm and 1μm PP membrane are used for coarse filtration. However, the pore size of the membrane has to be 0.22μm or 0.45μm to ensure absolute sterilization in the terminal stage.

Application in of the Liquor And Fruit Wine Production

In the production of liquor and fruit wine, the PP membrane is used for the pre-filtration in terms of its high resistance to strong acid and high flow rate. When it comes to the terminal stage, the performance of the PVDF and the Nylon membrane is better for liquor filtration, and the PES membrane better for fruit wine.

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