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Analysis of the Reasons for the Increase in HPLC Columns Pressure of Liquid Chromatography

There are many reasons for the increase in HPLC columns pressure. It is generally caused by an abnormal space-bearing object in the column bed, which causes an increase in fluid resistance.

1. Mobile phase filtration is poor
The pressure is increased due to mechanical impurities blocking the inlet filter. This is often caused by the fact that the mobile phase is not filtered, or that the filter membrane is too large or the filter is damaged, so that solid impurities are retained on the filter plate. Humidity sensor probe, stainless steel electric heating tube PT100 sensor, cast aluminum heater, heating coil fluid solenoid valve.

2. Mold growth
Molds multiply in the mobile phase, in the pipeline or at the inlet of the HPLC columns, and grow and block the filter plate, causing the pressure to rise. This phenomenon is more likely to occur in summer, especially when using phosphate buffer as the mobile phase. When using phosphate buffer in summer, it is usually ready for use. Even if it is kept in the refrigerator, it should not be more than two days. Otherwise, even if the filter plate is not clogged, the metabolites generated by bacteria or mold will cause interference in the analysis of the sample.

3. Non-specific adsorption
When the solute has strong non-specific adsorption on the HPLC columns and the current mobile phase is difficult to elute, the accumulated un-eluted solutes also cause increased resistance and pressure rise.

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