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An Overview Of Filter Capsule (PP, PES, And PTFE)

The capsule filter, also known as the integral filter, uses a folded inlet filter membrane with a large filtration surface area and is suitable for filtration of larger volume solutions. This filter with outer polypropylene material is free of adhesives and other chemicals, which guarantees no contamination of the sample. The filter has different filter membranes and pore sizes and can be autoclaved. It is suitable for filtering small dose liquids such as 1-20L laboratory, air or industrial precious small volume liquid.

Application scope of bag filter

Bag type of dust collector is a new type of dust removal system. The inside of the filter is supported by a metal basket. Liquid flows into the filter through the inlet. The bag flows out of the outlet after filtering, and the impurities are trapped in the filter bag, and the filter bag can be continued to be used.

Part of the bag filter system replaces the filter is the trend of the times.

1. The bag filter has a large processing capacity, small volume, and large capacity; the effective filtering area of​a No. 2 filter bag is equivalent to 20 10 “filter elements; no matter from the perspective of cost or efficiency, the filter bag is better than the filter element.
2. Based on the working principle and structure of the bag filter system, it is convenient and quick to change the filter bag, and the filter is free of cleaning. Which belt filter is better, saves labor and time.
3. The side leakage probability of the filter bag is small, which effectively guarantees the filtration quality, while the side leakage probability of the filter element is large, and the side leakage probability of the n filter elements reaches 2n!
4. The filtration accuracy of the filter bag has been continuously improved. The price of the roller with the machine has reached 0.5 microns, which can replace the filter in a large range.
5. Bag filter has a wide range of applications, all kinds of solid and liquid filters are available, flexible to use, and various installation methods.
6. It can be used with self-cleaning, membrane filtration or other filtration systems to meet different needs.

PP capsule filter
The PP capsule filter uses a laminated filter membrane with a large filtration surface area, is suitable for filtration of large volume solutions, and is sealed by a special process without binders and other chemicals. The outer casing and supporting material are made of high-quality polypropylene material, the filter medium is polypropylene film, and the polypropylene structure has stable performance and wide chemical compatibility. It features high filtration efficiency and good purity, which is widely applicable for filtration of various solvents under different pH and temperature conditions.

1. It can be sterilized by steam or ETO pressure heating
2. Hydrophobic polypropylene film and polypropylene shell resist corrosion
3. The durable low-pressure difference, high throughput, long service life
4. Wide applicability

PP Filter Capsules
PES Filter Capsules

Pharmaceutical industry: filtration of liquid medicine, cell debris, biological products, etc.
Chemical industry: filtration of organic solvents, chemical reagents, inks, plating solutions, etc.
Food industry: filtration of drinking water, mineral water, beverages, beer, wine, fruit wine, etc.
Electronics industry: pre-filtration of the reverse osmosis water system, pre-filtration of the deionized water system
Air filtration: filtration of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
Other industries: photosensitive resist, magnetic media, etc.

PES capsule filter
The hydrophilic polyethersulfone microporous membrane used in the polyethersulfone (PES) capsule filter has good chemical compatibility and biosafety, featuring high rejection, low extraction, and very low protein adsorption.

Completely biosafety, non-toxic
100% integrity test
Made in a clean environment and kept clean
Available in a variety of apertures

1. Tissue culture medium filtration
2. Drugs, cosmetic products, food, and beverage filtration
3. Remove bacteria or submicron particles
4. Purification of water, chemicals, and reagents

PTFE capsule filter
Hydrophobic PTFE membrane is used for solvent and corrosive solution filtration, air and air vent filtration.

High flow rate, low dissolution, low-pressure difference
Disposable design, safe and convenient
Clean environment production
Low retention volume

1. Air sterilization filter
2. Filtration of water and chemical reagents
3. Ink filtration

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