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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Use of 2ml Chromatography Sample Bottle Quick Washing Box

1. Such a washing procedure does indeed make it possible to wash the 2mL vials (sample vials). After washing, the bottles actually look much cleaner than before. The Shimadzu HPLC, GC and Agilent HPLC-MS The peaks in the previous solution were also not seen in the /MS instrument.

2. It does indeed save a lot of wasting time. I used to wash 300 injection bottles for a day. I now have 400 injection bottles for 1.5 hours. According to the inventor’s design process, organic solvents and water consumption are also A lot of savings, I remember the cardboard instructions that the total consumption of three organic solvents is not more than 2L, the total consumption of pure water is not more than 25L, the consumption should be about a few, but it should be about the same.

1. The washing procedure designed by the instruction manual is too ideal. It is very difficult for the laboratory to accumulate 400 sampling bottles before washing. Unless the Ministry of Agriculture laboratories for certification of pesticide residues like us do, sometimes more than 200 injections are needed per day. Bottle, my other classmates spent more than 100 a week was good.

2. The inventor’s step-by-step washing design considers that there is nothing wrong with saving solvents and saving time, but he needs to know that the lab’s washing habits are very different. For example, the organic washing solvent in the laboratory is used to recover organic solvents that are reused. These solvents are directly discharged into the waste container. It is indispensable to use more or less at a time, and there are many laboratories for my classmates. It is better to wash it with water and soap twice or three times, and rinse it with water for seven or eight times, not to mention saving any solvents. I think that I put 200 together (2 bottles of washing bottles) into a big box, and the large box is placed in ultrasonics and washed with ultrasound, so the time of ultrasound can be set at random. When I was washing with organic solvents for the second time, I switched to another big box. In doing so, I purchased half of the products, that is, two large boxes and two small boxes, which saved general purchase costs.

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