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Activated Carbon Adsorption Filter

An activated carbon adsorption filter uses activated carbon as the filter medium. Activated carbon has adsorption and decolorization ability, which can remove impurities in the liquid so that the liquid can be purified.

The main raw materials of activated carbon used by an activated carbon adsorption filter are organic materials rich in carbon. These carbonaceous materials are converted into activated carbon in the activation furnace through pyrolysis under high temperature and a certain pressure.

The applicable scope

An activated carbon adsorption filter is used to prevent the contamination of the following equipment by pollutants in water and also can be used to improve the smell and color of water, which is pretreatment equipment in the water treatment process.

The adsorption and decoloration ability are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Absorb organic matter, bacteria, colloidal particles and microorganisms in water.
2. Absorb chlorine, ammonia, bromine, iodine and other non-metallic substances.
3. Absorb metal ions.
4. Effectively remove color and smell.

The size of the product depends on the amount of water. There are mainly three materials: glass steel, carbon steel or stainless steel material.

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