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About Micro-Porous Filtration Membrane Application

Micro-porous filtration membrane

There are mixed cellulose filter membrane, grid membrane, nitrate cellulose, acetate cellulose, nylon, and other filter membranes, as essential products in fine filtration process, whose pore size is from 0.15 to 5.0 microns.

Main Characteristics:
(1) Good hydrophilicity: Suitable for liquid filtration in condition from pH 3 to 10.
(2) High porosity: 70% – 80% with the pore size distributed evenly.
(3) Membrane thickness: 100-160um.
(4) Fast filtration speed, less adsorption, no medium shedded.
(5) Appearance: white, flat, smooth, without pinholes.

Filtration accuracy(um): 0.15, 0.22, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2, 2.0, 5.0.

Filtration Membrane Application

Material Symbol Main Properties Application
Mixed cellulose filter membrane CA-CN

1 High porosity and good interception effect.

2 Intolerant to organic solutions, strong acid and strong alkali solutions.

3 High value-cost ratio.

1 In labs and small craft products, especially during removal filtration of bacteria and particle removal.

2 Detection OF coil-group in water

3 Filter membranes of two and five microns are also applied to oil filtration.

Grille Membrane



It is an ideal and accurate product of laboratories and quality supervision departments, also a super-clean blend membrane with printed grids for operators to easily count retentate amounts. It is usually applied to particle and bacteria detection as a composition of culture medium.

1 Detection of coil-group in water

2 Detection of bacteria in medical industry


Nitrate Cellulose



High adsorbability to biological macromolecules such as proteins.


1 Bacterial Cultivation and bioengineering of medical research and diagnosis.

2 DNA-RNA hybridization experiments and identification

3. Liquid scintillation determination and super-clean preparation of radioactive tracers.

4 Electrophoresis, microelement analysis, etc.

Acetate Cellulose



Low adsorbability to proteins.

1 Suitable for filtration of low molecular alcohols and oils.

2. Analysis and detection of some special components in scientific researches.



Resistant to alkaline and organic solutions.




Large flux and low adsorbability to proteins.

Glass Fiber Membrane



High flow velocity and high temperature resistance.


1 Detection of air pollution

2. Filtration of biological macromolecule sediments

3 Pre-filtration of membranes.

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