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13mm 0.45μm Disposable Nylon Syringe Filters

Ion chromatography, which is commonly used in environmental analysis, requires the introduction of inorganic contaminants in sample preparation. The disposable syringe filter can be used in HPLC analysis and IC analysis to filter sample solutions as an important step in the sample preparation process. Hawach uses the most advanced inspection methods and production processes to produce syringe filters with superior quality.

Disposable syringe filters features:
• The filter head shell material is made of high quality sanitary grade polypropylene material.
• The product structure is designed with precision to ensure smooth filtration, reasonable internal space and low residual rate, thus reducing sample waste.
• One of the shortcomings of the traditional filter head is that it is easy to blast. This product has been specially designed to withstand burst pressures up to 7 bar.

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